When obsessive free spirit Stephen finds out his teen half sister Sarah is pregnant, he desperately tries to convince her to keep the baby. Sarah finally agrees when Stephen promises to father the child, and they embark on the journey of parenthood - for which neither of them are ready.



The issue of an unplanned pregnancy can be extremely polarizing. Oftentimes, people focus on the life of the child, but neglect the life of the mother. This film deals with the issue of an unintended pregnancy, but focuses on the life and needs of the single mom. It's pro-woman. It's about understanding the convictions you place on other people, and about how your ideals you put on others will affect them for the rest of their lives.


This story was inspired by work I've done telling stories of many moms who found themselves in an unexpected pregnancy not sure what to do. I've worked through countless hours of interviews of these women with issues ranging from having 5 children in an abusive relationship while getting pregnant with the 6th, facing the threat of deportation back to Venezuela if she wouldn't abort the child, heroin addiction, abuse, and man other issues. This story was also written with the help of a single mom with 2 children who found herself in a teen pregnancy as well. This story comes from intimate knowledge and personal experience. Let's lay the politics aside and ask one of the most important questions in all of this. What about her?