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You can't get hired without video.

You can't get video without being hired.


We're here to help.

We promote and create video marketing content for public and

motivational speakers such as demo reels and course content.

New Star Films focuses on strong storytelling to create a compelling narrative

that captures the heart of your story, gives you an attractive brand presence, and

ultimately helps you book more events and garner more opportunities. 



Speaker Reel


Have random live video and footage from various events you need to put into an attractive demo reel? We sift through your material, then work with you to discover the most compelling narrative possible that will capture and maintain the attention of meeting planners to help you get hired.

Speaker Reel

Recorded Interview


Have live and virtual video footage but wish you could speak directly to meeting planners and share what makes you unique? We film professional interview style content of you to blend with your current footage. This makes for a fantastic reel that captures your message and style.

Speaker Reel

Recorded Interview

Travel to speaking event


Have an event you wish you could professionally record? With this package we shoot interview footage, go through footage you currently have, but also travel with you to an event of your choice. We capture behind the scenes footage, as well as you on stage, and combine all the elements for a professional, polished, profitable reel.


Vlog Head Shot.PNG

Tyler Hunt


Tyler Hunt is a filmmaker driven by a deeper sense of purpose in his work. Diagnosed bipolar after experiencing a mental health crisis, Tyler found a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in pursuing filmmaking by telling stories that are intended to transcend conventional narratives to tell the story behind the story.


He has been pursuing his craft with that aim for the past 8 years producing countless commercial and promotional content for organizations and individuals, and has just recently finished his first feature

film after years of honing his craft in short form narrative content. Who Needs You, a film about a teen pregnancy, is his debut into advocating for those who are often unheard and unseen.

Hi! I'm Tyler Hunt. I'm a filmmaker and videographer and have been telling visual stories for almost a decade. I absolutely love what I do and couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life, except maybe 

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